About Us

After having served for over 29 yrs in the UK military, and having instructed and conducted the skills of Surveillance, Veritas NI can assure the client of a Professional Surveillance and Private Investigator service. The military ethos is Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty, we live up to those values.

We utilise both male and female fully qualified operators, this gives us the advantage of being able to deploy into areas where a lone operator would stand out. A female operator often allays the suspicion of a subject of surveillance, and can enhance the operations chances of success greatly.

We specialise in personal injury claimant surveillance and have an enviable reputation for providing factual and timely written and video evidence which enables the client to determine whether a claim is fraudulent or excessive.

Veritas NI are committed to providing a first class service for all its clients, we ensure that all our Private Investigators and surveillance operators in NI are updated on a regular basis of all changes in legislation and working practices. Clients are kept informed at regular intervals during the course of every investigation, at a time convenient to the client and by a media requested by the client.

We network with some of the best companies in the Security, Surveillance and Private Investigation field in order to keep abreast of the latest technology and investigative techniques. Training is an important factor in any organisation and Veritas NI continually strives to improve its skill-sets and broaden its knowledge base.

What We Do


Medical Insurance / Work Injury


Employee absenteeism


Marital & Partner Infidelity


Theft investigations



Covert Surveillance